push APP using docker image

Stanley Shen <meteorping@...>

Hello, all

I am trying on to push APP using docker image.
From an existed thead, As Eric said we can use "cf push diego-docker-app -o cloudfoundry/diego-docker-app"

But I got errors when running it, it looks "node" is needed.
Any information on it, what should I do to run an APP using a docker image?

My env is:
| cf | 233* | 11e3eaec+ |
| diego | 0.1460.0* | 02b2bb8a |
| bosh-aws-xen-hvm-ubuntu-trusty-go_agent | ubuntu-trusty | 3215* | ami-958f66f5 light |

And here is the error:
2016-05-05T11:19:54.91+0800 [CELL/0] OUT Successfully created container
2016-05-05T11:19:54.91+0800 [CELL/0] OUT Starting health monitoring of container
2016-05-05T11:19:54.93+0800 [APP/0] ERR /bin/sh: node: not found
2016-05-05T11:19:54.93+0800 [APP/0] OUT Exit status 127
2016-05-05T11:19:54.93+0800 [CELL/0] OUT Exit status 2
2016-05-05T11:19:54.99+0800 [CELL/0] OUT Creating container
2016-05-05T11:20:10.59+0800 [CELL/0] OUT Successfully created container
2016-05-05T11:20:10.59+0800 [CELL/0] OUT Starting health monitoring of container
2016-05-05T11:20:10.60+0800 [APP/0] ERR /bin/sh: node: not found
2016-05-05T11:20:10.60+0800 [APP/0] OUT Exit status 127
2016-05-05T11:20:10.61+0800 [CELL/0] OUT Exit status 2

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