CF CLI v6.17.1 Released Today

Koper, Dies <diesk@...>

The CF CLI team just cut 6.17.1. Binaries and link to release notes are available at:

Note that we've been working with the Docs team to publish instructions on how to use the CLI securely with a CF deployment that uses a self-signed certificate (or a certificate not signed by a CA certificate available on the client machine):

HTTPS for CF-Community plugin repo

The "CF-Community" plugin repo that is registered with the CLI by default now uses HTTPS.
Unless your local ~/.cf/config.json is removed, the "CF-Community" repo's URL displayed in cf list-plugin-repos will continue to start with "http://", but actual calls to it will be made securely. To update the displayed URL, either delete ~/.cf/config.json and re-login, or update it manually (cf remove-plugin-repo CF-Community && cf add-plugin-repo CF-Community

Windows Installer

The 64 bit and 32 bit Windows installers are now digitally signed with a Cloud Foundry Foundation certificate, so no more warnings popping up that it is not trusted because it has no publisher.

Windows Coloring

The CLI can now display messages in colors on Windows, as it has on Linux and Mac OS. Use cf config --color true to enable it. Note that it has a side-effect of adding ansi codes in the trace log. That will be addressed in a next release.

Linux 64 bit Static Linking

The Linux 64 bit release is now statically linked (the 32 bit one was already), allowing it to run on alternative distributions such as Alpine.

NOAA client library

The CLI now uses the NOAA client library ( instead of Loggregator Consumer ( to obtain application log messages and metrics. This should not affect CLI users other than that it fixes a regression in cf CLI 6.17.0 with pushing multiple applications defined in an app manifest.

Error Handling for CF_HOME

The CLI will no longer try to create a directory for its local config.json file if the path that environment variable CF_HOME points to does not exist; instead it will return a meaningful error message.

Updated Plugins:

* antifreeze v0.2.1:


Dies Koper
Cloud Foundry CLI PM

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