NOAA Library Update

Warren Fernandes

Hello cf-dev,

Loggregator has been working on some improvements to the NOAA library.

The recommended way to create a NOAA consumer is now consumer.New(...)
under the consumer package instead of the legacy method of
noaa.NewConsumer(...). consumer.Consumer has some minor changes from

- Methods that accepted channels now return read-only channels, which the
consumer will close once it is done with them

- There is no Closed method.

- The new consumer can be used for multiple websocket calls, and all
previous connections (and the corresponding returned channels) will be
closed when Close is called.

The consumer within the noaa package is now deprecated and will be removed
in the near future.

We also added friendly reminders and warnings in the README
<> and stderr
<> output.

Loggregator Team

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