VCAP_APPLICATION in the V3 Cloud Foundry API

Nicholas Calugar

Hi CF-Dev,

The CAPI team is working hard to get to MVP for V3 of the Cloud Foundry
API. You can follow along by visiting our documentation and tracker:

We'd like to get some feedback from the community regarding
VCAP_APPLICATION, an environment variable provided to applications running
on Cloud Foundry. In V3, an application contains 1 or more processes that
can be scaled independently, so VCAP_APPLICATION doesn't quite fit.

Do you have any use cases around VCAP_APPLICATION that you could share? Are
there Cloud Foundry operators / users that would like to get rid of this
all together? Our current plan was to do something like below, but wanted
to hear from the community first.

"space": {
"guid": "682e10a0-6f3a-4a9f-b52c-f508b2bd99c6",
"name": "ncalugar-a1"
"application": {
"guid": "<v3-app-guid>",
"name": "nickdora"
"version": "<app-version-guid>"
"process": {
"guid": "<v3-proc-guid>",
"type": "web",
"ports": [8080,8081]
"route_mappings": [
"guid": "<v3-route-mapping-guid>",
"uri": "",
"port": 8080
"guid": "<v3-route-mapping-guid>",
"uri": "",
"limits": {
"fds": 16384,
"mem": 1024,
"disk": 4096



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