Re: HTTP request status text is changed

CF Runtime

Hi Stanley,

We can reproduce your issue when we push your .war file to a CF running on bosh-lite. We actually also see this same behavior when we run the .war file on a local Tomcat with default configuration . So, we believe the issue is due to tomcat configuration - your local tomcat probably has different configuration than the one provided by the buildpack, and what we see on an out-of-the-box tomcat installation.

You can see the java buildpack's tomcat configuration here:

The behavior you're requesting is unusual, so the java buildpack does not support it (it is nothing to do with dea/diego) so you have a few options. If you really need this behavior, you have a few options:
- fork the buildpack and change server.xml to your needs
- use spring boot which allows you to fully configure the servlet container

Rob Dimsdale & David Sabeti
CF Release Integration

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