Re: Brokered route services only receiving traffic for routes mapped to started apps

Shannon Coen

Hello Guillaume,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on these use cases. I can see how having
a route service field requests for an app, whether the app is up on not,
could be useful.

However, enabling this would significantly change how routes are registered
for apps on Cloud Foundry, and how the router handles the route lookup.
Routes are not currently enabled in the routing tier unless they are mapped
to an app, and only when the app is determined healthy.

You are proposing the router maintains routes which have no backends, and
instead of a failed lookup determining whether a 404 is returned, the router
should figure out whether a route has any backends or a route service.

I'll chew on your use case and keep my ear out for additional use cases for
maintaining routes with no backends in the routing table.


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