Some in-depth info on how to use CF

Marco Ristuccia

Hi all,

one of my customers wishes to go the PaaS way.
We are evaluating a selected list of potential platforms, Cloud Foundry is one of them, and I like a lot.
I have successfully deployed a Bosh-Lite release with Diego support, we want to only deploy Docker images into CF.

Everything works well. I have read all the published official documentation of CF. But there are the following "critical" things that I didn't find at all:

How to pull Docker images from our internal Docker repository. I have installed Diego Docker Cache but there is no documentation on how to first pull the image from our repository (where to put the URL of the repo? where to configure the connection account user and password, etc...)

Are the internal CF services (Consul, Etcd, UAA) intended only for CF internal use, or can they be used by the deployed applications too? If yes, where is the documentation on how to connect and use them? (URLs, access accounts, etc.)?

Is there by any chance a way for BOSH to deploy CF on a Microsoft Hyper-V on-premise infrastructure? (not Azure, neither the upcoming on-premise Azure-stack, just MS System Center).

Thank you in advance for your kind help and support!

Best regards,

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