HTTP request status text is changed

Stanley Shen <meteorping@...>

Hello all

I am having an web application running on CF/Diego with version 233, and I notice strange thing about my APP.
I have some code to check attachments will be uploaded to system.

If the attachment doesn't pass the checking, we will use code like
response.sendError(413, "The file cannot be uploaded due to file extension jar ")
Where response is HttpServletResponse.

In front end, we have file upload widget to try to upload file to system.

Before, we can always get statusText which is what we set in response, like "The file cannot be uploaded due to file extension jar"
But right now, I always get statusText "Request Entity Too Large", which is the standard status text of error code 413.
I tried in non CF environment, and it works as expected.

It looks like in somewhere CF changed the statusText based on the statusCode, but I didn't get clue yet.

Any information about this?

Thanks in advance.

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