bosh-init with external s3 blobstore

Anuj Jain <anuj17280@...>


I want to use external s3 compatible blobstore with bosh-init deployment
- for that I provided the required configuration in bosh-init.yml manifest
file (mentioned blobstore config below) - now after deploying bosh-init - I
can upload the releases to s3 compatible blobstore - but when I am trying
to deploy cloud foundry I am getting errors when deployment is trying to
fetch the blobs form blobstore (see the error below)

I think - I might need to do some changes in bosh-init manifest
properties - but not sure what exactly.

Note: I tried blobstore: *blobstore in bosh-init properties without any

Blobstore config:

blobstore: &blobstore
provider: s3
bucket_name: bucketname
access_key_id: keyid
secret_access_key: my_secret
use_ssl: true
ssl_port: 443
port: 443
director: {user: director, password: *svcs_password}
agent: {user: agent, password: *svcs_password}
s3_force_path_style: true
host: my_s3_host_name

blobstore: {provider: local, path: /var/vcap/micro_bosh/data/cache}

============ Error
Failed compiling packages >
buildpack_java/d65c2d20fc067c9995c18d195e0ff117ea9202c0: Action Failed
get_task: Task c9ab7ba8-c034-4c18-51b4-1a04a3b014ae result: Compiling
package buildpack_java: Fetching package buildpack_java: Fetching package
blob f95e361f-ab27-4146-a2a0-a11f54fbef66: Getting blob from inner
blobstore: Getting blob from inner blobstore: Shelling out to
bosh-blobstore-s3 cli: Running command: 'bosh-blobstore-s3 -c
/var/vcap/bosh/etc/blobstore-s3.json get
/var/vcap/data/tmp/bosh-blobstore-externalBlobstore-Get733130718', stdout:
'', stderr: '2016/04/21 12:11:17 performing operation get: AccessDenied:
Access Denied

- Anuj

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