Postgresql data is not migrated after CF is upgraded from v197 to v230



I found all org, spaces and applications information were lost after I upgraded my CF env from v197 to v230. After checked the postgres node, I found there were two directory under /var/vcap/store. One is “postgres” and the other is “postgres-9.4.5”. I guess the reason why all information got lost is data from previous postgresql database(9.0.3) was not migrated to new postgresql database(9.4.5). I found two related releases.


Postgres Job Upgrade
The Postgres Job will upgrade the postgres database to version 9.4.2. Postgres will be unavailable during this upgrade.


In support of work in progress to enable developers to specify application ports when mapping routes, cf-release v229 introduces a database migration for CCDB. For deployments that use a PostgreSQL database for CCDB that is NOT the PostreSQL job that comes with cf-release, v229 introduces the following requirements. These requirements are applicable for subsequent releases. If you are using the PostgreSQL job that comes with cf-release, or if you are using MySQL as the backing db for CC, no action is necessary.
◦PostgreSQL 9.1 is required at a minimum
◦For versions 9.1-9.3, operators must first install the extension uuid-ossp
◦For versions 9.4 and newer, operators must first install the extension pgcrypto

So does it mean I have to upgrade v197 to v211 and then upgrade to v230 after installing pgcrypto? Any help would be appreciated.


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