CF Job Failure

Gupta, Abhik

We are trying to push a node.js application using the Cloud Controller REST APIs. The flow that we follow is similar to the flow followed by CF CLI:

Create Application Metadata > Create Route Metadata > Associate Route with Application > Get cached resources from Cloud Foundry using the Resource Match API > Upload the bits (sending the fingerprints + asynchronously > Poll for the Job Status

This flow works perfectly fine till the last step but the polling for the job status gives back an error response like:

"metadata": {
"guid": "cd5bf18d-249b-4f00-9ee9-6328081d3d77",
"created_at": "2016-04-18T10:55:29Z",
"url": "/v2/jobs/cd5bf18d-249b-4f00-9ee9-6328081d3d77"
"entity": {
"guid": "cd5bf18d-249b-4f00-9ee9-6328081d3d77",
"status": "failed",
"error": "Use of entity>error is deprecated in favor of entity>error_details.",
"error_details": {
"error_code": "UnknownError",
"description": "An unknown error occurred.",
"code": 10001

Apparently, this error is also pretty well-known because it's documented in the API documentation as well here:
What could be the reason for this error from the Controller?

Thanks & Regards

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