Help needed building CF Certifications

Timothy Harris <tharris@...>

Hello Cloud Foundry Experts -

As you may know, the Cloud Foundry Foundation is working on building a
certification program for professionals who use Cloud Foundry. Initially
we are tackling a CF Developer certification, and a bit later will be
tackling a CF Operator certification. Thanks to the contributors who helped
us define the scope, domains and tasks, we know what we want to cover in
the exam. The next step in our process is taking the tasks and turning them
into good test questions.

We need your help in with item writing! We are looking for pairs of Cloud
Foundry contributors to help us develop the test. Specifically, we need
help in building out test questions - taking an initial summary of a task
and creating a specific question, with associated pre-requisites and final
correct answers. Some questions will have a coding component, as we also
need some sample (very simple) applications as part of the question.

We expect this activity to require roughly one full day per question, and
we’d like to have volunteers work on 2-4 of the questions. (If you plan to
take the test, you’ll need to limit the number of questions you work on -
let us know in advance!) So the ideal pair of volunteers would have 3-4
days in May to dedicate to this task, and we’d like to all work on it
together so we can get it done quickly. We’ll start out with a 2 hour
training session to explain how to write scorable test questions.

Are you someone that could help us with this important task? At this point
we are looking for interested and knowledgeable volunteers who likely can
help, and we’ll work together to detail the logistics of specifically how
and when we work together on the effort. So simply reply to this email
(and perhaps share your specialty in CF if you have one) and we’ll take it
from there...

Thanks in advance to those that can help!

Tim and Stormy

Tim Harris | Director of Certification Programs
Cloud Foundry Foundation
(415) 518-6807

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