CF CLI v6.17.0 Released Today

Koper, Dies <diesk@...>

The CF CLI team just cut 6.17.0. Binaries and link to release notes are available at:

The command reference guide on is being updated now.

Built with Golang 1.6.1 which addresses two security vulnerabilities

Golang 1.6.1 has just been released, addressing two vulnerabilities that could affect cf CLI users.
See!topic/golang-nuts/9eqIHqaWvck for details.

TCP Routing

Various commands have been enhanced to support TCP routes for apps deployed to the Diego runtime.
This feature requires the target CF release to be v234 (CC API v2.53.0) or higher and Diego and the Routing API to be enabled.

App Instance Quotas

Quota related commands have been enhanced to expose app instance quotas.
This feature requires the target CF release to be v214 (CC API v2.33.0) or higher for org quotas and v221 (CC API v2.40.0) or higher for space quotas.

Native build on Mac OS

Prevents a fatal runtime error on certain Mac OS versions and Anti-Virus/Security software. See #783<>,#789<>

New Commands

* cf router-groups lists the router groups available to your targeted Cloud Foundry. Once an admin creates a new shared domain associated with a TCP router group, developers may create TCP routes from this domain.
* cf version shows the cf CLI version. cf --version and cf -v will remain offering the same functionality but are omitted from cf help's GLOBAL OPTIONS section in favor of the new command.

Updated Commands

* create-shared-domain now accepts a router group to create a domain for (
* domains now displays the routing type of each domain
* create-route, map-route, unmap-route, delete-route and push now support an additional option to specify a TCP route's port number
* create-route and map-route now support an additional option to request a random port for a TCP route
* routes output now includes the port number and type of route
* create-space help output now doesn't incorrectly indicate there is a default space quota (#774<>)
* create-space now correctly looks for the specified quota in the specified org (#775<>)
* create-service-broker now has an alias, csb
* curl now defaults to performing a POST when the -d option is specified (#788<>)
* curl no longer displays a message that you should be logged in
* buildpacks no longer tries to retrieve information from the CF endpoint after displaying you are not logged in
* map-route and unmap-route now map and unmap routes with paths correctly (#792<>)
* app now reports the correct URL when using routes with paths (#809<>)
* create-app-manifest now doesn't wrap an extra set of quotes around environment variables (#800<>)
* copy-source usage in its help page now correctly reflects that specification of a space also requires specification of the space's org

Updated Global Options

* -h is now accepted also after the command to display help, e.g. cf push myapp -h
* -v when used with a command, e.g. cf apps -v, prints API request diagnostics. This makes enabling trace for a single command much easier, particularly on Windows
* --version and -v when used by themselves still display the CLI version, but are omitted from thecf help listing in favor of the new version command
* --build, -b still display the Golang version the cf CLI was built with, but is omitted from the cf help listing as it's not relevant to most users

Updated Plugins:

* cf willitconnect v1.1.0:
* Diego Enabler v1.1.0:<>
* Usage Report v1.3.0:<>

Dies Koper
Cloud Foundry CLI PM

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