Message Broker Version Verification

Masumi Ito

I have a question of how to handle API Version Header of service broker
(X-Broker-Api-Version) in http request header.

First of all, I found the CF manual mentioned as follows;
This header will be useful in future minor revisions of the API to allow
brokers to reject requests from Cloud Controllers that they do not

In addition, spring-boot-cf-service-broker, which is one of reference
implementations for service brokers, seems to verify if the
X-Broker-Api-Version value is exactly equal to the expected API for each
request it receives by default.

Does the CF community recommend that service broker should reject any
requests from CC if X-Broker-Api-Version value is not equal to the API
version which it expects?

- X-Broker-Api-Version = 2.5
- API version for a service broker to understand =2.4

If so, personally this policy does not make sence to me because it will
cause frequent modifications of service brokers whenever CF version is
updated. I prefer the service broker accepts requests from CC which exposes
the newer X-Broker-Api-Versions it understand so that it can work with the
latest CF without code modifications.

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