Re: cloud foundry - 413 Request Entity Too Large

James Bayer

are you sure that the request isn't making it all the way to the app

are there features of netty that you can log the request as it's coming in
with lots of logging for different aspects of the request lifecycle? e.g.
tcp connection established, etc.

On Mon, Jun 15, 2015 at 7:47 AM, avia <Avia.Ohana(a)> wrote:

Hi James,

The 413 error doesn't come from our app. Our app doesn't get the POST
request with body size >= ~12MB.

We are using netty jax-rs.
All I can see in app logs is:
2015-06-15T14:28:55.000+00:00 [RTR] OUT - [15/06/2015:14:28:55 +0000]
"POST /listener-endpoint-api/agent/nbustomaster/report HTTP/1.1" 413 0 "-"
"Apache-HttpClient/4.2.1 (java 1.5)"
response_time:0.304191621 app_id:582630d6-de94-41b9-a539-0e3a4fad1725

any idea?

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James Bayer

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