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As Amit wrote in the other, related thread -

This will not work with dynamic networks. Many jobs in cf-release rely on data from BOSH to determine their IP so that configuration files can be rendered up-front by the director rather than at runtime, requiring system calls to determine IP. metron_agent is one such job, and it tends to be colocated with each other job (it is what allows all system component logs to be aggregated through the loggregator system), so this would require all Cloud Foundry VMs to be on a manual network. You don't need to manually pick the IPs, you just need to tell BOSH which IPs in the network not to use and specify these in the "reserved" range.
Since so many different components depend on being able to determine their IP via BOSH data, there's no quick workaround if you want to stick to using dynamic networks, but we're aware of this current limitation.
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