AWS / CF v233 deployment

Sylvain Gibier


Trying to a fresh new installation of CF on AWS - I'm hitting the following
issue when the deployment is trying to update the api_z1/0 jobs.
I'm following the instruction - and as well to
generate the consul certificates.

According to the log - the consult_agent process failed to start.

{"timestamp":"1460475448.173879385","source":"confab","message":"confab.agent-client.verify-joined.members.request.failed","log_level":2,"data":{"error":"Get dial tcp

500: getsockopt: connection refused","wan":false}}

==> Starting Consul agent...

==> Error starting agent: Failed to start Consul client: Failed to load
cert/key pair: crypto/tls: failed to parse certificate PEM data
How can I debug this issue ?



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