CF212 - golang app crash - how to perform the troubleshooting?

Rafal Radecki

Hi :)

I am starting an app and it crashes. In the meantime when it is trying to start I login to appropriate warden container and after the app crashes I try to start the go binary manually. The problem is that I am not able to see in the environment variables like VCAP_SERVICES and I cannot pass its content correctly to my app.

Can you tell me how to start my app inside the warden container once I login through wsh with proper environment setup? I tried below:

root(a)19g7korv77m:/app# export VCAP_SERVICES='{"mongodb26":[{"credentials":{"dbname":"...}
root(a)19g7korv77m:/app# bin/my_go_binary

but it is obviously not the proper way. How does cloudfoundry pass variables to the process started in the warden container?


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