Re: [cf-bosh] Re: Re: [Metron Agent] failed to generate job templates with metron agent on top of OpenStack Dynamic network

Amit Kumar Gupta

This will not work with dynamic networks. Many jobs in cf-release rely on
data from BOSH to determine their IP so that configuration files can be
rendered up-front by the director rather than at runtime, requiring system
calls to determine IP. metron_agent is one such job, and it tends to be
colocated with each other job (it is what allows all system component logs
to be aggregated through the loggregator system), so this would require all
Cloud Foundry VMs to be on a manual network. You don't need to manually
pick the IPs, you just need to tell BOSH which IPs in the network not to
use and specify these in the "reserved" range.

Since so many different components depend on being able to determine their
IP via BOSH data, there's no quick workaround if you want to stick to using
dynamic networks, but we're aware of this current limitation.


On Mon, Apr 11, 2016 at 7:23 PM, Yitao Jiang <> wrote:

Is it a bug of CF or Bosh ?

On Fri, Apr 8, 2016 at 12:08 PM, Ben R <vagcom.ben(a)> wrote:

I have the same issue. It has to do with every release since bosh 248.
However, dynamic networks with older bosh releases + cf-231/cf-231 work.

This must be a bug.

Ben R

On Thu, Apr 7, 2016 at 8:55 PM, Yitao Jiang <> wrote:


When deploy CF on top of OpenStack with dynamic network, the jobs failed
with metron-agent
Error filling in template 'syslog_forwarder.conf.erb' (line 44:
undefined method `strip' for nil:NilClass)

here's related logs

etecting deployment changes
version type changed: String -> Fixnum
- 233
+ 233

No changes

± canaries:
- 1
+ 0

Resource pools
No changes

Disk pools
No changes

+ name: dynamic-net
+ net_id: 0700ae03-4b38-464e-b40d-0a9c8dd18ff0
+ security_groups: ["Test OS SG_20160128T070152Z"]
+ dns: ["", ""]

+ range:
+ name: Test OS Sub Internal Network_20160128T070152Z

+ type: dynamic


± networks:

- {"name"=>"cf1"}

+ {"name"=>"dynamic-net"}

No changes

No changes

Please review all changes carefully


Are you sure you want to deploy? (type 'yes' to continue): yes

Director task 57
Started preparing deployment > Preparing deployment. Done (00:00:03)

Error 100: Unable to render instance groups for deployment. Errors are:
- Unable to render jobs for instance group 'stats_z1'. Errors are:

- Unable to render templates for job 'metron_agent'. Errors are:

- Error filling in template 'syslog_forwarder.conf.erb' (line
44: undefined method `strip' for nil:NilClass)

Task 57 error

For a more detailed error report, run: bosh task 57 --debug
as the ip manged by OpenStack, bosh cannot get the actual ip address of
each vm until vm alive, this lead to the generated job spec doesn't contain
ip address infos
so, must i have to configure network type to manual?​

snippets of deployment yml

1001 - name: dynamic-net
1002 subnets:
1003 - cloud_properties:
1004 net_id: 0700ae03-4b38-464e-b40d-0a9c8dd18ff0
1005 security_groups:
1006 - Test OS SG_20160128T070152Z
1007 dns:
1010 -
1011 -
1012 range:
1013 name: Test OS Sub Internal Network_20160128T070152Z
1014 type: dynamic

​Rendered job spec

{"deployment"=>"staging-01", "job"=

{"name"=>"stats_z1", "templates"=>[{"name"=>"collector",
dfd4", "blobstore_id"=>"23531029-0ee1-4267-8863-b5f931afaecb"},
"version"=>"2b80a211127fc642fc8bb0d14d7eb30c37730db3", "sha1"=>"150f2
"template"=>"collector", "version"=>"6c210292f18d129e9a037fe70
53836db2d494344", "sha1"=>"38927f47b15c2daf6c8a2e7c760e73e5ff90dfd4",
"blobstore_id"=>"23531029-0ee1-4267-8863-b5f931afaecb"}, "index"=>0,
"name"=>"stats_z1", "id"=>"99f349d0-fb5d-4de7-9912-3de5559d2f19",

"security_groups"=>["Test OS SG_20160128T070152Z"]},
"dns"=>["", "", ""], "default"=>["dns",
"access_key_id"=>nil, "secret_access_key"=>nil},
"datadog"=>{"api_key"=>nil, "application_key"=>nil},
"deployment_name"=>nil, "logging_level"=>"info", "interv
als"=>{"discover"=>60, "healthz"=>30, "local_metrics"=>30,
"nats_ping"=>30, "prune"=>300, "varz"=>30}, "use_aws_cloudwatch"=>false,
"use_datadog"=>false, "use
_tsdb"=>false, "opentsdb"=>{"address"=>nil, "port"=>nil},
"use_graphite"=>false, "graphite"=>{"address"=>nil, "port"=>nil},
"memory_threshold"=>800}, "nats"=>
{"machines"=>[""], "password"=>"NATS_PASSWORD", "port"=>4222,
"user"=>"NATS_USER"}, "syslog_daemon_config"=>{"address"=>nil, "port"=>nil,
"=>"tcp", "fallback_addresses"=>[], "custom_rule"=>"",
"metron_agent"=>{"dropsonde_incoming_port"=>3457, "preferred_protocol"=>"udp
", "tls"=>{"client_cert"=>"", "client_key"=>""}, "debug"=>false,
"zone"=>"z1", "deployment"=>"ya-staging-01",
"tcp"=>{"batching_buffer_bytes"=>10240, "batchin
"logrotate"=>{"freq_min"=>5, "rotate"=>7, "size"=>"50M"},
"buffer_size"=>10000, "enable_buffer"=>false}, "metron_
"loggregator"=>{"tls"=>{"ca_cert"=>""}, "dropsonde_incoming_port"=>3457,
s"=>[""], "maxconcurrentrequests"=>10}}},
"dns_domain_name"=>"microbosh", "links"=>{},
amic-net.ya-staging-01.microbosh", "persistent_disk"=>0,







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