Go buildpack, cloud native and 12 factor

john mcteague <john.mcteague@...>

On a lazy sunday evening experimenting with the Go and Binary buildpacks, a
thought came to my head regarding cloud native patterns, and in particular
12 factors' Build, Release, Run.

To me, the Go buildpack is somewhat of an outlier amongst most of the other
buildpacks, it performs compilation (build) at push time and violates 12

Now this doesn't make it wrong, I'm sure many people are using Cloud
Foundry for apps that may not "cloud native" and violate one or two of the
12 factors, but I'm curious how people approach Go based apps in large
scale production environments? Do they allow the Go buildpack or push
people to the binary buildpack? What do people see as the main reasons for
one over the other?


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