Re: CF Auto-scaling with an external application

Giovanni Napoli

@Daniel Mikusa

Thank you for your support. I have few more questions and hope that you can help me.
If i'll use the library you linked, i'd like to have some suggestions about the task i have to solve:

- is there a way to collect in some way the data i need in a struct that i could use for send "the scale command"? I mean, would be great to have a struct in wich i could have fields like "AppName", "CpuUse", "MemoryUse", etc. so i cloud just check the App.CpuUse field, for istance, and send a "cf scale" command to CF to solve resource problems.

- i found this client library for CF, do you think could help my work? I'm asking you cause i'll prefer to use Java, by the way. Is you know, is there a way to have ".jar" library of this repo so i could use as simple as i can? Also i found this and a "cloudfoundry-client-lib.jar" online but i don't kwon if could be good for my problem.

I would really thank you for your support, and i'm sorry if i made some stupid or specifical question but i really need help. The app i have to develop must be very simple because it is just a mimal study case for the PaaS Cloud Foundry so the easier it is the best would be.
Still thank you,

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