Re: Internal/external domains

Geoff Franks <geoff@...>

We built the cf-haproxy-boshrelease for this ( Check out for more details. The feature-set has been updated quite a bit since that post. It now supports enough features that should allow it to work behind tcp or http-mode load balancers (you can force x-forwarded-proto if behind a tcp-only loadbalancer that does ssl termination), handle websockets on standard http ports, serve multiple ssl certs, and do generic tcp proxying for things like app-ssh.

My ideal setup would be a set of http-mode load balancers in front of the 'public_haproxy_z*' nodes, which would filter out non-allowed domains, and send the remaining requests to the gorouters. For internal-only requests, I'd use a non-public http-mode load balancer directly in front of the gorouters.

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