new cflinuxfs2-rootfs-release diego integration incoming

Connor Braa

Are you tired of cherry-picking rootfs CVE commits? Do you integrate
against Diego? Are you looking to shorten your rootfs patch to prod
timelines? Well do we have some good news for you!

As of today, diego-release's develop branch's manifest generation is
capable of consuming a cflinuxfs2-rootfs package from the buildpack team's
new rootfs release

To enable this, just add the temporary [-r] flag when calling
diego-release/scripts/generate-deployment-manifest or
diego-release/scripts/generate-bosh-lite-manifests to specify that you wish
to use your uploaded rootfs-release. This temporary flag will eventually be
removed, and this will become the default behavior for diego-release,
meaning that eventually you will be required to bosh upload a

In the coming days, we'll be working with the Release Integration team to
add the rootfs-release to their generated release compatibility matrix

Connor && Andrew
Diego Developers

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