announcement: online cf CLI command reference guide

Koper, Dies <diesk@...>

Dear cf CLI users,

I have been working with the PubTools team to produce an online cf CLI command reference guide, and am happy to now announce it's ready:

* is a new page in the CLI docs listing the output of `cf help`, with hyperlinks to the help pages for each subcommand

* hosts the index page and pages for the subcommands that the above page links to, with a language selector for each of the CLI's supported locales.

The pages are generated from cf CLI help output and will be updated with each cf CLI release.

Some of the benefits of this online reference guide is that we can more easily point users with questions to the appropriate command help, e.g.

and the reader can then easily change to their preferred locale, e.g.

Also, I'd like to work with the Docs team and other PMs to see where we want to update existing CF documentation to point to this reference guide to reduce duplication in, and maintenance of articles that describe commands that expose CF features.

Please let us know what you think!

Dies Koper
Cloud Foundry CLI PM

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