Re: CF Installed on Physical Node

Amit Kumar Gupta

Hi Raymond,

Yes, you can deploy Cloud Foundry without using the Ops Manager appliance.
However "Elastic Runtime", "Ops Manager", etc. are Pivotal products built
on top of the open source Cloud Foundry project. This mailing list is for
questions related to the open source Cloud Foundry project itself.

For information about deploy OSS Cloud Foundry, please start with

For information about using and deploying Pivotal Cloud Foundry products,
you can check out


On Mon, Apr 4, 2016 at 2:32 PM, Raymond J Steele <raymondsteele(a)>

Can Cloud Foundry be installed on a physical node versus via VMware
appliance? Also, can you cluster the cloudfoundry elastic runtime, ops
manager, etc..?

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