Spotting performance regressions

Michal Tekel


I wanted to check if you know about a good way to spot performance regressions on CF and if anyone is doing it (at least partially) already. We are mainly interested in discovering user-facing degradation. That is, app operations (deploy, scale, delete, manage routes) and routing layer operations (latency per request, total throughput, SSL termination capacity) - esp. in connection with (heavier) routing services usage.

We did a brief investigation about the best way to automate this kind of regression testing, but didn't find any complete solution. We had a look at [CF PATs](1) tool and made a [container](2) it can be run from. But that only gives us metrics on app operations and no way of spotting regressions or automating the tests.

We were wondering if perhaps someone already does any kind of performance measurements as a part of their CF build/deploy pipelines/process and what their experience with tracking the results is...


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