Log drain for an app

Daniel Mikusa


I'm looking at sending logs from my app to Logsene [1] and I'm trying to
figure out if this is going to work. From their instructions it seems like
there are two possibilities: syslog & https

I'm not sure syslog will work as Logsene seems to either require a unique
token to be included in the syslog event or to have all syslog traffic from
my app come from one IP. I'm not sure that the first is possible, and the
second won't work as multiple apps on CF could send logs from the same IP
(, please correct me if I'm wrong on either point).

That leaves me with HTTPS. According to their docs, they support the
elasticsearch api [2] through which you can post events to them. It seems
to expect a JSON payload, with a standard format.

I see in the CF docs [3] that we support sending logs via HTTPS but it
doesn't really say how the information is sent via HTTPS. Does anyone know
if this will be compatible? and where I can find more information about
how we send log data via HTTPS?



[1] -
[2] -
[3] -

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