Re: add Diego into our monitoring system

Jim CF Campbell

Hi Patrick,

The basic design philosophy is for all logging and metric data to be
transported by Loggregator to the firehose. At that point the design intent
is to filter as appropriate. Sorry, but not only do we have no plans to
filter at the data origin, we have roadmap items to add *more* data to
Loggregator with system component syslogs, and for PCF, custom app metrics.


On Mon, Mar 28, 2016 at 1:11 AM, Patrick Wang <goupeng212wpp(a)>

Hi Jim,
I pulled the source code of Datadog nozzle. Datadog nozzle is also get all
drain data from traffic controller and then do filter in the nozzle. The
nozzle still receive all drain data from traffic controller. That means, it
is a huge network overhead on metron/doppler/traffic controller. From my
perspective, to avoid hug network traffic, it is better to add filter on
the metron/doppler/traffic controller. Do you know if there is a plan to
add filter on the side of metron/doppler/traffic controller?
func getValue(envelope *events.Envelope) float64 {
switch envelope.GetEventType() {
case events.Envelope_ValueMetric:
return envelope.GetValueMetric().GetValue()
case events.Envelope_CounterEvent:
return float64(envelope.GetCounterEvent().GetTotal())
panic("Unknown event type")

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