CF Auto-scaling with an external application

Giovanni Napoli

Hi everybody,
i'm studying Cloud Foundry PaaS for my thesis in Computer Science and one of the point i have to develop with this platform is tho project and then develop an external application, written in Java, that could provide to the platform a kind of auto-scaling service that isn't provided for Cloud Foundry by default.
The metrics i would to use for auto-scaling the apps is CPU and RAM usage. I know that using "bosh ssh" into the "runner" job, i can log in into the containers using "wsh" to use a bash terminal into the containers. However, here's my questions:
- is there a way to see, without connecting into the containers, what are the resources used by the apps? Maybe with a "top" or "htop" or whatever command?
- if not, i've seen that in the containers i can't launche this kind of commands to se rosource usage, isn't it?
- is there another solutions, maybe easier, to resolve develop this kind of application?
Any kind of suggestion would be great.
Thank you for your support.

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