Re: is the book "Building Scalable Web Sites" (2006) still relevant?

John Feminella <jxf@...>

Having read BSWS I can say that the examples will probably be somewhat out
of date -- ten years is a geologically long at technology's pace! For
example, the development environment chapter describes how to use CVS and
RCS. These were excellent tools for their time, but today there are new
alternatives with substantially more power and flexibility.

It's also not going to have anything to say about Cloud Foundry -- the book
is ten years old (2006) and CF was released five years ago (2011). The book
is more like a list of things you should consider when building websites,
and less about the specific tools to use when building them. When read in
this way, it has definitely stood the test of time.

As for other books I'm afraid I don't have any specific recommendations -
it depends a lot on what, specifically, you're interested in. If you want
to learn about deploying on CF, I think the documentation is a great place
to start:

~ jf
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On Mar 26, 2016 14:08, "Lukas Lehner" <weblehner(a)> wrote:


do you recommend reading the book

for deployment on CF?

I hope this book is not outdated. What other print book do you recommend?


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