Re: [ANN] cf-plugin update-cli (update cloudfoundry/cli to the latest version)

taichi nakashima


This is cool and yes it works on windows !
Thank you for testing.

However, it helps to get an acknowledgement if the update was successful
or not. It ends abruptly and need to run ‘cf –v’ to know the status.

Added message after successfully update :)

Taichi Nakashima

2016年3月26日(土) 10:59 Koper, Dies <diesk(a)>:

Hi Taichi,

Nice plug-in!

I have created a proposal to support such a feature in the CLI itself.
I received some internal feedback from security people who had concerns
that publishing digitally signed checksums would hopefully address.
I hope to engage security people next month and sort that out before I
share my proposal on this list.

Thanks for sharing!

Dies Koper
Cloud Foundry CLI PM

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I've written new plugin to update cloudfoundry/cli to the latest version.
(You can download it from my own plugin repo, )

I think it should be implemented in cf/cli itself. But before that time,
it will help you.
And It would be great if cf cli team provides SHASUM for each release
binary on release page so that it can check it after downloading).

Taichi Nakashima

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