PHP buildpack looking for composer.json file recursively leads to detecting ASP.Net projects as PHP projects

Daniel E Grim <degrim@...>

Hi all,

The PHP buildpack is currently looking recursively for a composer.json
file within the project as part of it's detect script. This is causing an
issue for users trying to push an ASP.Net project which contains bower
packages that have a composer.json file within their directory structure
because their project gets detected by the PHP buildpack. Does anyone know
if there is a need for the PHP buildpack to search for this file
recursively, or would detecting it in the project root be enough? If the
file could be detected only in the project root, that would stop the PHP
buildpack from detecting ASP.Net projects because those composer.json files
are never in the main folder of the project but in the wwwroot/scripts/lib
folder instead.


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