Re: Upcoming extraction of cflinuxfs2 rootfs release from diego-release

Benjamin Gandon

Hi Eric,

Facing the pace of cflinuxfs2 updates, I've done and successfully deployed such a BOSH release. It also ships with example manifests. I'll share it with you this afternoon.

I've been using a "cheap" local blobstore but it would be interesting that you publish the blobs on a public bucket.


Le 18 mars 2016 à 00:01, Eric Malm <emalm(a)> a écrit :

Dear CF Community,

Over the next few weeks, the Diego and Buildpacks teams will be working together to extract a new BOSH release for the cflinuxfs2 rootfs/stack out of the Diego BOSH release. The Buildpacks team has been doing an amazing job of publishing new rootfs images in response to CVEs, and this separation will make it easier for all Diego deployment operators to update to those latest rootfs images without having to update their other releases. We've already taken advantage of the same kind of separation between Garden-Linux and Diego when addressing some recent Garden CVEs, and we're looking forward to having that flexibility with the rootfs image as well.

Once completed, the release extraction will mean a couple of minor changes for Diego deployment operators:

- You'll have one more release to upload alongside the Diego, Garden-Linux, and etcd BOSH releases to deploy your Diego cluster. The Diego release tarball itself will be much smaller, as it will no longer include the rootfs image that accounts for about 70% of its current size.
- If you use the spiff-based manifest-generation script in the diego-release repo to produce your manifest, that's all you'll have to do! If you're hand-rolling your manifests, you will have one or two BOSH properties to add or move, and an entry to change in the list of job templates on the Diego Cell VMs.

We'll call out these changes explicitly in the Diego release notes on GitHub when the time comes.

Just as we do with the Garden-Linux and etcd releases today, the Diego team will also attach a recent final cflinuxfs2-rootfs release tarball to each final Diego release we publish on GitHub, so it will be easy for consumers to get a validated set of default 'batteries' to plug into Diego. We'll also work with the CF Release Integration team to make sure that when the most recent rootfs image passes tests against Diego in their integration environments, its release version is recorded in the Diego/CF compatibility record, at

If you would like to track our progress, please follow the 'cflinuxfs2-release-extraction' epic in the Diego tracker ( and the 'bosh-release' label in the Buildpacks tracker (

Eric Malm, CF Runtime Diego PM

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