Re: How to deploy and bind mongodb service to nodejs application?

Amit Kumar Gupta

You need to register the mongo service with the marketplace. There are
further instructions in that README.

On Wed, Mar 23, 2016 at 12:13 AM, Vimal Mishra <shiva.lkm(a)> wrote:

Hi Dies,

I have deployed cf on my local machine and trying to push my nodejs
application and bind mongodb services.I am using following cf version --

cf -v : cf version 6.16.1+924508c-2016-02-26

Stemcell info
Name: bosh-warden-boshlite-ubuntu-trusty-go_agent
Version: 3147

I have followed the following steps for cloud foundry deployment on local
machine :

1. Installed virtual box and vagrant.
2. wget -O
3. unzip
4. export PATH=`pwd`:$PATH
5. git clone
6. git clone
7. export CF_RELEASE_DIR=`pwd`/cf-release
8. cd bosh-lite
9. bin/provision_cf
10. bin/add-routes

After these steps I am able to use cf login and create org and space.

Then I ran the command cf marketplace ,following message was displayed :

*Getting services from marketplace in org RelevanceLab / space RLCatalyst
as admin... OK No service offerings found*

So I have tried to deploy the services and followed instruction mentioned
on following link .

1. bosh upload release

2. git clone
3. cd cf-services-contrib-release
4. git checkout v6
5. templates/make_manifest warden
6. bosh -n deploy

Then ran the command cf marketplace.It displays the same message " No
service offerings found".
Can you please confirm that process followed is correct or what could be
the problem or How can I deploy services and use?

That would be great help.

Vimal Mishra

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