Issue with stacks related to removal of libmariadb

Danny Rosen


Last week we completed changes to the rootfs that removed libmysqlclient in
favor of replacing it with libmariadb [1]. This change was released in
cf-released v233.

Unfortunately, applications that were previously staged (with stacks v1.45
or earlier) and which depend on the libmysqlclient libraries will fail to
to start when they cannot load the mysql
client library.

A workaround is to delete the application (in order to clear application
cache) and restage.

Stacks v1.47 will address this by packaging the libmysqlclient files. We
expect this will be in the next cf-release. Applications staged using
stacks 1.47.0 or later will link against libmariadb, as expected.

[1] -

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