Re: Database implementation as a cloud foundry app

Daniel Mikusa

On Sun, Mar 20, 2016 at 11:36 PM, Sundarajan Srinivasan <
sundarajan.s(a)> wrote:

Dear People,

We have plans to host our application layer (node js) in the cloud
foundry as an app. I have a great doubt on the database implementation part
in cloud foundry.
If you don't want to use a service that you acquire through a service
broker & CF's marketplace, you can host your database somewhere else.
There's nothing that says your database and app must live in CF. The
easiest way to use an external service is to create a user provided
service. This contains the information to your service and works just like
a service you acquire through a service broker.

It looks like the database are usually kept outside of Cloud foundry and
consumed via the service broker.


If this is the case they how come the scale in and scale out happens to
At the moment, scaling the database is up to the database provider (i.e.
whomever runs the service & service broker). The service broker is just an
interface so that CF knows how to provision services automatically.
Everything else (running, managing, scaling) the service happens outside
and is the responsibility of the service provider, not CF.

Is there a way to push a database as an app into CF ?
Not at the moment. I believe there are some recent threads on this list
about this topic.

And I saw that each app has been restricted to a size of 2GB max and local
storage of an app is not persistent. Having said I am confused that
implementing a database as an app is not a correct architecture.
You're right the default max disk size (i.e. cf push -k) is 2GB. The local
file system is also ephemeral, meaning you should never write anything
important there because it will go away after the app is restarted /

I came to know that the memory (RAM) can be increase to an organization
using the quota space. How to increase the storage size of an app ?
If you're an administrator, you can change the limit.


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