Service Broker API - updating instances

Mike Heath

One of the really nice features of the V2 Service Broker API is the ability
to broker multiple services from a single process. Each service provides
its unique id in the broker catalog. The Cloud Controller then includes
that unique id with requests to the broker making it easy for the broker to
route the request to the correct service.

The problem I'm currently having is that the API added in version 2.4 for
updating a service instances does not include the service's unique id [1].
It only provides the service instance's id and the new plan id. This makes
it very difficult to route the update request to the correct service
provider within a process brokering multiple services as it would require
querying each service provider to determine if it brokered the provided

I would like to propose adding a service_id field to the update request,
the same as every other request in the service broker API. I believe that
the main issue with this is that it implies that an instance's service
provider could be changed by the broker. I think proper documentation would
alleviate that issue though.



1 -

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