Re: Running instances are "-1"

Daniel Mikusa

If you're running on DEA's, check (or maybe restart) your health manager.
It's usually the culprit for question marks in the instance count.


On Fri, Mar 18, 2016 at 2:14 AM, 王小锋 <zzuwxf(a)> wrote:

Hi, there

I upgraded cf 212 to 218 using bosh in aws.
when I try to list all the apps in one space, I find that the column of
instances is not as expected: it has a "?" before the slash "/", seems it
cannot get the running instances. I set "CF_EXPORT=true", then I notice
that "running_instances" property is "-1", but it works if I use cf app

Please see the details as below, any suggestions how to debug? your help
is greatly appreciated, thanks!!

ubuntu(a)ip-10-10-0-118:~$ cf apps
Getting apps in org myorg / space dev as admin...

name requested state instances memory disk urls
NoDelete stopped 0/2 256M 1G,,
mystick stopped 0/2 512M 1G
phpdemoXXX stopped 0/1 256M 1G
javalog started ?/1 256M 1G
myhttpserver1 started ?/1 48M 8M
myhttpserver2 started ?/5 48M 8M
myhttpserver3 started ?/5 48M 8M
myhttpserver4 started ?/1 48M 8M
myhttpserver5 started ?/2 48M 8M
myhttpserver6 started ?/1 48M 8M
myhttpserver7 started ?/1 48M 8M
myhttpserver8 started ?/1 48M 8M
myhttpserver9 started ?/1 48M 8M
myhttpserver10 started ?/1 48M 8M

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