Running instances are "-1"

王小锋 <zzuwxf at>

Hi, there

I upgraded cf 212 to 218 using bosh in aws.
when I try to list all the apps in one space, I find that the column of
instances is not as expected: it has a "?" before the slash "/", seems it
cannot get the running instances. I set "CF_EXPORT=true", then I notice
that "running_instances" property is "-1", but it works if I use cf app

Please see the details as below, any suggestions how to debug? your help is
greatly appreciated, thanks!!

ubuntu(a)ip-10-10-0-118:~$ cf apps
Getting apps in org myorg / space dev as admin...

name requested state instances memory disk urls
NoDelete stopped 0/2 256M 1G,,
mystick stopped 0/2 512M 1G
phpdemoXXX stopped 0/1 256M 1G
javalog started ?/1 256M 1G
myhttpserver1 started ?/1 48M 8M
myhttpserver2 started ?/5 48M 8M
myhttpserver3 started ?/5 48M 8M
myhttpserver4 started ?/1 48M 8M
myhttpserver5 started ?/2 48M 8M
myhttpserver6 started ?/1 48M 8M
myhttpserver7 started ?/1 48M 8M
myhttpserver8 started ?/1 48M 8M
myhttpserver9 started ?/1 48M 8M
myhttpserver10 started ?/1 48M 8M

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