Re: Reg the upgrade from cf-205 to cf-231

Amit Kumar Gupta

I'm not sure why it's taking >40 mins to compile some simple go binaries.
You may have network issues (compilation jobs taking a long time to
download dependencies from BOSH director blobstore, or upload compiled
resulting artifacts) or you may need more CPU on your compilation
machines. You can try to SSH into the compilation VMs while they're
running to see what they're doing over those 40 minutes.

On Thu, Mar 17, 2016 at 7:06 AM, Nithiyasri Gnanasekaran -X (ngnanase -
TECH MAHINDRA LIM at Cisco) <ngnanase(a)> wrote:

Hi Amit

I was able to do an upgrade of deployment from cf-205 to cf-231 multiple

But now, I am getting timeout errors while compiling buildpacks once in
rootfs or in buildpack_java or in nginx..

Could you pls help us resolve this error..

Following is the one:

Done compiling packages >
buildpack_java/d65c2d20fc067c9995c18d195e0ff117ea9202c0 (00:24:23)

Done compiling packages >
rtr/2d7de4f6fc25938c21c5be87174f95583feb14b5 (00:38:22)

Failed compiling packages >
rootfs_cflinuxfs2/ac0ba35f1106af81cb735eb56360c6cc924af83a: Timed out
waiting for Server `3c04cecc-1308-4da
f-8dc5-b9c1924004c3' to be active (00:41:23)

Failed compiling packages >
nginx/bf3af6163e13887aacd230bbbc5eff90213ac6af: Timed out waiting for
Server `fbbb8647-1415-46d9-92de-d030f 4164b6b'
to be active (00:43:31)

Failed compiling packages >
cli/b61b75716312df9f4f7c81a17f3a7de456efce71: Timed out waiting for Server
`223ec673-b66d-4362-8e27-0859805 2ebe5' to be
active (00:44:49)

Error 100: Timed out waiting for Server
`3c04cecc-1308-4daf-8dc5-b9c1924004c3' to be active



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