CF Summit code for Contributors

Chip Childers <cchilders@...>

Hi all,

Registration is open for the upcoming CF Summit North America, and we have
a limited number of free passes for contributors to the project.

This code can be used by anyone that is a contributor to a Cloud Foundry or
BOSH project. We consider contributions to be project leads, dedicated
committers or even if you have sent in a pull request to one of the

Keep in mind that speakers will get a free pass as well (although speaker
notifications have not gone out yet), so if you submitted and are also a
contributor, hold off until that is done please.

Also - please only register if you do intend to come to the event.

Use of the code is on the honor system...

Code: CFCONT16
Feel free to reach out to me or to events(a) if you have any

See you there!

Chip Childers | VP Technology | Cloud Foundry Foundation

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