Re: How to minimize VMs used in cf/diego

Eric Malm <emalm@...>

Hi, Stanley,

If you're looking to reduce the Diego VM footprint in a dev deployment, you
could consider using the 'colocated_vN' (N=1,2,3) jobs in the manifests
generated by the spiff-based scripts in diego-release. They pack all the
jobs in diego-release (and garden and etcd) onto a single VM, so you could
deploy with 1 instance of colocated_z1 and 0 instances of all other jobs.
If you need more container capacity in that deployment, you can then
increase the instance count of the cell jobs from 0 (you will have one cell
already via the existing colocated job instance).

Also, as a warning, the Diego team doesn't regularly test the colocated-VM
deployment configuration, so it's possible that it may accidentally break
in the future (or even that it's broken now!). So I wouldn't recommend its
use in a production deployment.

I can't speak to the current state of colocatability of the jobs in
cf-release, or to the status of the community cf-boshworkspace project.

Eric, CF Runtime Diego PM

On Wed, Mar 16, 2016 at 8:33 PM, Stanley Shen <meteorping(a)> wrote:

Hello, all

By default, there are about 20 VMs will be used in cf/diego installation.
I am trying to minimize the VM size.

I tried to follow but got some
I create an issue for it but got no response, is this still maintained?

If there are any other documentation about it, or any experience on it?

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