CF manifest changes required: java buildpack extracted

Amit Kumar Gupta

Hey cf-dev,

Completing the work from CF v231 to extract the buildpacks to a separate
release, the java buildpacks have also been extracted as of CF v232. As
before, the new release is submoduled back into cf-release and the new jobs
symlinked so that you have the option to continue using the buildpacks with
minimal changes to your manifest if you don't want to take advantage of the

To continue with minimal changes, simply add:

- name: java-buildpack
release: cf


- name: java-offline-buildpack
release: cf

to the templates section of whatever job you have running the
cloud_controller_ng job.

If you're using the "spiff" based manifest generation tooling in
cf-release, and you're not already overriding the api_templates, you will
pick up this change for free when you regenerate your deployment manifest.


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