Re: CF 231 Diego?

Rob Dimsdale

Hi Austin,

We are not sure which docs you are referring to - can you clarify this?

Cloud Foundry is available as a bosh release at - this includes the 'dea' backend which is older than the 'diego' backend and has always been a part of this release. Diego is available as a separate bosh release at Both cf-release and diego-release are open source.

Instead of continually adding more components to cf-release, we are moving towards separate bosh releases for each component - diego was the first release to adopt this pattern.

To add diego to your existing Cloud Foundry bosh deployment, you will need to create a separate bosh deployment of diego, and point it at your existing Cloud Foundry deployment. The instructions at the diego-release should provide a good starting point.

Looking forwards, we are creating tooling to provide a better experience in composing these separate releases into a single unified bosh deployment.

Rob & Nima
CF Release Integration

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