Logging Infrastructure for CF components

Ronak Banka

Hi everyone,

I have some queries regarding persistent storage of application logs and cf
component logs .

As per my understanding

-->For application logs:
we can send the application logs to doppler with help of metron agent and
further stream using traffic controller (User Side).

-->For CF component syslog:
We can send cf component syslog via metron to custom syslog endpoint
(followed by parsing and other mining stuff)

On the operator side how can we store "Application logs for all the
applications" to a persistent storage??

If i look at firehose (or using noaa to get all the logs), it is more like
pulling model from end component side so if components before it are slow
in sending logs then there will be buffers .

Application logs are distributed on different doppler nodes based on AZ of
metron and doppler itself , so is there a need to implement something in
between doppler and traffic controller to push all the application logs ??

Ronak Banka

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