Re: Missing rows in ccdb in table 'packages' after domain change for CF 212 deployment and then for apps.

Nicholas Calugar

Hi Rafal,

Packages are not stored in the database for the V2 API, that table is for
experimental V3 support and wouldn't have any rows unless you are pushing
apps with the V3 API.

Can you tell us how you have configured your package blobstore? Have you
made any changes around this configuration and can you verify you have any
packages in your blobstore? If you share any configuration, please be sure
to scrub credentials.



On Mon, Mar 14, 2016 at 8:27 AM Rafal Radecki <radecki.rafal(a)>

Hi All :)

I am during a domain change for my CF 212. High level overview:
1) redeployment of CF212 with domain changed in the manifest -> done, ok
2) update of service brokers:
- route within the new domain added -> done, ok
- cf update-service-broker with new url -> done, ok
3) update of user provided service instances using 'cf
update-user-provided-service' with a modified json -> done, ok
4) addition of routes within new domain for every app wit cf map-route ->
done, ok
5) restart or restage of apps (one at a time) always returns:

"Server error, status code: 404, error code: 150002, message: The app
package could not be found: app-guid"

I checked ccdb for this and found that for an example app:
a) in apps table I have a row with:

guid | c0193c17-bc96-4e4f-801a-6105021128ce
package_hash |
droplet_hash |

b) in droplets table I have a row with:

droplet_hash | c2b9137823d8f4c8cb16e4447e619c2c49aa28a4

c) but in packages table I DO NOT have a row with package_hash =

From my point of view as a consequence of one of the steps which I
performed today when changing the domain some entries from ccdb tables do
not correlate with each other and because of this when any app is started I
get in cloud controller logs:




-> "message":""

Does anyone know a solution for this other than deleting and pushing the
apps once again?


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