Missing rows in ccdb in table 'packages' after domain change for CF 212 deployment and then for apps.

Rafal Radecki

Hi All :)

I am during a domain change for my CF 212. High level overview:
1) redeployment of CF212 with domain changed in the manifest -> done, ok
2) update of service brokers:
- route within the new domain added -> done, ok
- cf update-service-broker with new url -> done, ok
3) update of user provided service instances using 'cf update-user-provided-service' with a modified json -> done, ok
4) addition of routes within new domain for every app wit cf map-route -> done, ok
5) restart or restage of apps (one at a time) always returns:

"Server error, status code: 404, error code: 150002, message: The app package could not be found: app-guid"

I checked ccdb for this and found that for an example app:
a) in apps table I have a row with:

guid | c0193c17-bc96-4e4f-801a-6105021128ce
package_hash | 9c2668161749dfec21e2f1ee00d451de18bcec90
droplet_hash | c2b9137823d8f4c8cb16e4447e619c2c49aa28a4

b) in droplets table I have a row with:

droplet_hash | c2b9137823d8f4c8cb16e4447e619c2c49aa28a4

c) but in packages table I DO NOT have a row with package_hash = 9c2668161749dfec21e2f1ee00d451de18bcec90

From my point of view as a consequence of one of the steps which I performed today when changing the domain some entries from ccdb tables do not correlate with each other and because of this when any app is started I get in cloud controller logs:

{"timestamp":1457965007.4719954,"message":"dea-client.no-package-found","log_level":"error","source":"cc.dea.client","data":{"request_guid":"aefe46f4-5737-49e1-4d70-7e17289e37f9::09509713-8 746-46fd-9bec-1cf4138cee9f","guid":"c0193c17-bc96-4e4f-801a-6105021128ce"},"thread_id":70246967656660,"fiber_id":70246971588820,"process_id":13042,"file":"/var/vcap/packages/cloud_controlle r_ng/cloud_controller_ng/lib/cloud_controller/dea/client.rb","lineno":133,"method":"start_instance_at_index"}

-> "message":"dea-client.no-package-found"

Does anyone know a solution for this other than deleting and pushing the apps once again?


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