Re: Announcing the Cloud Foundry Java Client 2.0.0.M1

Ben Hale <bhale@...>

Any thoughts or plans for producing uaa and loggregator/firehose clients as well? Perhaps as separate modules? I see limited uaa auth and limited loggregator support in cloudfoundry-client.
In fact, the plan is currently to include both of those APIs. You can see the UAA is prioritized[1] and the DopplerClient is already[2] being worked.

I wonder if we could get more componentization in the client library by renaming "cloudfoundry-client" to "cloud-controller-client" and adding a "uaa-client (making it fully featured eventually)" and "loggregator-client" both probably included in "cloudfoundry-operations”
There will be a single API library and a single implementation library but there will be separate CloudFoundryClient, DopplerClient, and UaaClient’s (in addition to the CloudFoundryOperations and a likely UaaOperations). While the code will all exist in a pair of libraries, users are free to use only the components they wish. Keeping a small number of libraries reduces dependency complexity and makes it easier for us to managed the underlying common infrastructure that all of the implementations are built on.

-Ben Hale
Cloud Foundry Java Experience


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