Domain change for CF212 -> how to change the domain for a service broker correctly?

Rafal Radecki


I am in process of changing the domain name for a service broker. I managed to redeploy CF with updated deployment manifest and all vms which form the deployment are in running state. I can login to the new endpoint and list apps, service brokers, etc. I am not able to update the service brokers though:

$ cf service-brokers | grep broker01
broker01 http://broker01-broker.old_domain

$ cf update-service-broker broker01 user pass http://broker01-broker.new_domain
Updating service broker broker01 as admin...
Server error, status code: 502, error code: 10001, message: The service broker rejected the request to http://broker01-broker.new_domain/v2/catalog. Status Code: 404 Not Found, Body: 404 Not Found: Requested route ('broker01-broker.new_domain') does not exist.

What is the correct way to update the domain for them?


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