Spring Cloud Netflix and Cloud Foundry capability overlaps???

Thomas Wieger


Currently i am evaluating Spring Boot/Spring Cloud for development of microservices and we are considering Cloud Foundry for deployment of those services. The thing I'm wondering about for a while is, that i see some overlap between Spring Cloud Netflix capabilities and built in functionality in Cloud Foundry. Especially regarding the following capabilities: (Go)router and Zuul, Consul and Eureka, Load Balancer and Ribbon, ...
From my prospective, i would like to let cloud foundry take care for routing, load balancing and service registry/discovery and would try either not to use the similar Spring Cloud features (Zuul, Ribbon) or try to integrate the respective Cloud Foundry functionality into the Spring Cloud Framework (Consul for Service discovery).

I would like to hear your thoughts and recommendations on that.

best regards,


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